Copperline Excavating Ltd. is one of the most progressive utility & powerline contractors in Alberta, with more than 10 years of service in the industry.

Our Head Office located in Spruce Grove, AB., Copperline Excavating Ltd. is very diversified, dealing with all aspects of utilities and powerline construction and installation of fibre optics, gas line, street light, telecommunications, and cable television.

Guaranteed Client Satisfaction

COPPERLINE EXCAVATING LTD is a company that guarantees client satisfaction on the completion of a job. They have a wide scope of expertise and experience that allows them to complete a job from start to finish.

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Experts in:

• Shallow Utilities 

• Overhead Powerlines

• Trenching 

• Gas Line Installation 

• Hydrovac

• Directional Drilling 

• Sub Division Servicing

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375 Saskatchewan Ave
Box 3006
Spruce Grove, AB T7X 3A1

Phone: 780-968-3805
Fax: 780-968-3825
Toll Free: 1-877-968-3805